Want to see some artwork by the masters?  Check out the official, fan-driven, and related sites of the artists below.
Artists are listed in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Bell, Julie  |  Buonarroti, Michelangelo |  Dali, Salvador  |  Da Vinci, Leonardo |  Frazetta, Frank
Harmenszoon van Rijn, Rembrandt  |  Kinkade, Thomas  | Kracov, David  |  Monet, Claude  | Picasso, Pablo
 Rockwell, Norman  |  Vallejo, Boris  |  Van Gogh, Vincent  |  Whelan, Michael  |  Wyland, Robert

 Bell, Julie
Much like her husband, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell is one of the top tier artists in the field of fantasy.  Although her work is very reminiscent of her husband's work, Julie Bell's brilliant use of color, dramatic composition, and her trademarked "metal flesh", puts her oil paintings in a class unto itself.  Bell's work may be found on covers of books, trading cards, calendars, t-shirts, and all sorts of other merchandise.

This is the official Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell website.  Visitors can purchase prints and merchandise or peruse through both artists' art galleries.

Caramila's Julie Bell Image Gallery
Around 30 Julie Bell paintings are displayed on this site.

Dragon's Forest: Julie Bell
On this webpage, you'll find Julie Bell paintings that contain dragons, serpents, and other scaly creatures.

Julie Bell Virtual Gallery of Fantasy Art
You won't find any reading material whatsoever on this page, but at least there's 25 Julie Bell paintings to look at.

Digital Excess' Art That Isn't: Julie Bell
Now here's a pretty unique webpage.  The artwork on here were created using graphic software on a Commodore 64.  Yep that's right, that lil' 8-bit computer from the early to mid 80's.  I used to do some artwork on the old machine myself and never got the results these talented artists did.  They were able to do some outstanding replications of Julie Bell's paintings.  Amazing!

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 Buonarroti, Michelangelo
When it comes to the world of art, it would very hard to find a more popular artist than Michelangelo Buonarroti.  He is one of the greatest artists of all time.  His work has been some of the most recognizable pieces ever, despite having several centuries pass.  Even though he was a very accomplished sculptor, one of his most famous works was painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  This amazing piece took him four years (1508-1512) to complete, most of which he spent laying on his back.  The painting contained more than 300 life-sized figures and depicted 9 scenes that come from the book of Genesis.

Please note... Michelangelo's name is often mispelled 'Michaelangelo'.  It only has one 'a' in it.  With that said, I already know that some of the titles in the links are mispelled.  I chose not to alter any mispelled titles made by the web publishers.

Michelangelo doesn't have an official site of his own, because he's been dead for centuries.  However, this site is the very best Michelangelo site on the web.  You can learn all about him and even view a lot of his work.

Michelangelo's Ceiling
You can view different parts of Michelangelo's painting on the Sistine Chapel, at this site.

This is a very small webpage that gives a very short summary of Michelangelo's life.  This one is pretty lame.

Michaelangelo - Life, Works, Thoughts, Collections
If you're interested in some books about Michelangelo and his works, you'll want to check out this webpage.  This site is associated with Amazon.com, so it's probably pretty legit.

The Art of Michaelangelo
Another small site.  This one showcases three parts of the Sistine Chapel painting.

WebMuseum: Michelangelo
This site has some pretty good info on Michelangelo.  It also has a bit of background info on some parts of the painting from the Sistine Chapel.

The Artchive: Michelangelo
This is another site with lots of good info.  Several of Michelangelo's works are also on display at this site.  There are also some closeup shots showing the detail in his sculptures.

Web Gallery of Art: Michelangelo
This site has most, if not all, of Michelangelo's works up for viewing.  An excellent site.

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 Dali, Salvador
The flamboyant and egocentric artist known as Salvador Dali is one of the 20th century's biggest influences in modern art.  His art was greatly influenced by Dr. Sigmund Freud's theory of the unconscious and an association with leading French surrealists.  It wouldn't be long before he became the most renowned surrealist of all time.  Imaginatived dream imagery in his artwork are a trademark of his, as is his funny looking moustache.

Dali Museum
This is the official website of the Dali Museum at St. Petersburg, Florida, which houses one of the largest Salvador Dali collections in the world.

Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí (available in English, Catalan, Spanish, and French)
Here's the official website for the Salvador Dali Foundation, which was fully endorsed by the artist himself in order to manage, promote, and protect his artwork.

Salvador Dali Art Gallery
In my opinion, this is the best Salvador Dali related website on the internet.  Over 1,500 pieces of art are showcased here as well as a ton of information relating to the artist and surrealism.  Posters, prints, books, and more merchandise are in stock for collectors.  There is also a forum for fans and collectors for Dali-related discussion.

The Salvador Dalí Archives
The archives is a private repository of information about Salvador Dali that was approved by the artist himself.  They have published several books on the artist, and provide a service to discern authentic works from the many fraudulent works in circulation.

A biography of the artist may be found here.  Prints and merchandise is also available as well as screensavers and desktop wallpapers.

Virtual Dali
Here's a pretty cool Dali website that's got a lot of painting in its galleries.  A biography, photos, and desktop wallpaper may also be found here.

The Artchive: Salvador Dalí
Visitors will find some information about the artist here, as well as a listing of books and some artwork.

Salvador Dali - Life.History.Art
Only a few paintings are displayed on this webpage, but visitors can still find some pretty good info on the artist.  Posters may be purchased from here as well.

The Salvador Dali Print Gallery
Prints, tapestries, and books may be purchased at this site.  Salvador Dali himself has signed some of the prints.

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 Da Vinci, Leonardo
Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most celebrated artist and scientist of all time.  While he is known for not finishing a lot of his artwork, his most popular paintings, the Mona Lisa and Last Supper, are some of the most renowned works of art.  As a scientist, his discoveries have influenced the work in most branches of science.  He was also an accomplished inventor, having created an underwater diving suit and many other useful devices that were centuries ahead of his time.

Web Museum: Leonardo da Vinci
A small bio of the artist may be found on this page.  There are a few paintings displayed here as well.

Léonard de Vinci (French)
Several drawings and paintings are available here.  A biography is also available.

Leonardo Da Vinci: A Man of Both Worlds
After clicking on this link, you'll have to click on the link that appears on the page that loads up.  That will take you to the Leonardo da Vinci site that showcases several sketches and a few paintings.

This website covers Leonardo's hometown, Vinci; as well as the Leonardo Museum and Library.

Léonard De Vinci: Le génie de la Renaissance (French)
This site focuses on the impact that da Vinci has had in worlds of art and science.  It is a good reference for his character.

Publius Historicus: Léonard de Vinci (French)
This is a relatively small webpage with some info on da Vinci.  There are links to a few paintings by the artist.

Science Museum: Leonardo Da Vinci
This small section of the Science Museum is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, the inventor.  There's little information for some of his inventions like the Helical Gear, Crankshaft, and Ball-Bearings.  This site has nothing to do with his art.

Léonard De Vinci (French)
Here's a small webpage with some info about the artist.  It also has some links to a few paintings and to fewer drawings.

Mona Lisa Mania
This is very amusing site dedicated to all things relating to the Mona Lisa.  You can find theories on her smile, art parodies, and even gifts (such as socks and boxer shorts) bearing her image.  This site is great.

The Artchive: Leonardo da Vinci
While there isn't a whole lot information on this webpage, it's pretty decent.  Plus, there are several pieces of artwork on display to look at.

Web Gallery of Art: Leonardo da Vinci
Of the sites already listed, this one showcases the most works of art by Leonardo.

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 Frazetta, Frank
The art genius, known as Frank Frazetta, got his first big break in art when he was accepted into the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts at the age of eight.  Ever since, he's been mastering the trade, propelling his name to one of the greatest fantasy artists of all time.  If you've looked at fantasy art in the past, chances are that you've come across some of Frazetta's work, as they are some of the most popular in the genre.  You can find his artwork on all sorts of merchandise, most notably on the cover of many popular fantasy series of books like the Tarzan and Conan novels.

Frazetta Art Gallery
This is the official Frank Frazetta website.

Unofficial Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art Gallery
This is a nice fan-site that's got Frazetta artwork separated in several categories for easier viewing.

Bud Plant Illustrated Books: Frank Frazetta Biography
Here's a look at Frank Frazetta's impact in the world of illustrated books.

Frank Frazetta
A photo and short bio of the artist may be found on the front of the page.  Check out the gallery for a dozen or so pieces of art, and a listing of Frazetta-related publications.

The Art of Frank Frazetta
This fan-site has a large selection of Frazetta work in the galleries.

Frank Frazetta Gallery
Well over 200 pieces of Frank Frazetta art are displayed on this site.  Even more appealing is the fact that all of the work is available in high resolutions.  If you want a good look at Frazetta art, you'll definitely want to check this place out.

Science Fiction Pictures and Art: Frank Frazetta
No science-fiction art site would be complete without a section devoted to the master, Frank Frazetta.  Here you'll find a few paintings and a short "write-up" on the artist.  You can purchase prints here as well.

Aumania Fantasy Art: Frank Frazetta (Italian)
Don't worry if you don't understand Italian.  As long as you stay in the fantasy art section of this site, you should be alright.  Besides, one doesn't need an understanding of Italian to appreciate the excellent Frezetta artwork posted here.

The Best Fantasy Artists: Frank Frazetta (Italian)
Again it's an Italian site, but everything is in English except the ads.  There's little to read here anyways, so enjoy the artwork.

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 Harmenszoon van Rijn, Rembrandt
Painting, etching, drawing, and teaching art, 17th Century Dutch artist, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, excelled at all of these activities.  Even to this day, his paintings are almost unmatched and there has yet to be an etcher that rivals him.  He was a master of creating the illusion of lights and shadows, making his works all the more life-like.  Some would even argue that his paintings are even better than photographs.  Though the number of his works aren't exactly known, we do know that he's been accredited to more than 2,000 individual pieces.

Museum Het Rembrandthuis (available in English and Deutsch)
This is the official site for the Museum that once was Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn.  The site has all the official news concerning Rembrandt's art and also has a shop where you can purchase all sorts of memorabilia and/or reproductions of Rembrandt's etchings.

Web Museum: Rembrandt
Several of Rembrandt's artworks are on display here.  There is also a short biography of the artist.

The Artchive: Rembrandt van Rijn
Information, several pieces of artwork, and a book listing can be found at this page.

Rembrandt - Recommended Books Page
This page consists of an excellent selection of Rembrandt related books.  The site is affiliated with Amazon.Com, so it's likely to be very reliable to order from.

Rembrandt Image Gallery
A few religious works done by Rembrandt can be viewed on this page.

The Web Gallery of Art: Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
A large number of Rembrandt's paintings and etchings may be found here.  The site also has a biography of the artist available.

CGFA: Rembrandt
Several or Rembrandt's paintings are displayed at this site.  And again a biography of the artist is also available.

Rembrandt Mania
This is a relatively small fan-driven site.  It's mostly information about Rembrandt.  There are a few images there, but nothing major.

Another small fan-driven Rembrandt site.  There is some info and a small gallery of artwork at this site.

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 Kinkade, Thomas
Thomas Kinkade is America's most collected living artist.  As a luminist, his mastery in portraying light in his works has given him the moniker, "Painter of Light".  He has sold more paintings than many of the most famous artists... combined.  His unprecedented success has turned his corner of the art world into a commercial juggernaut.

THOMAS KINKADE - Painter of Light
This is the official website for the artist, Thomas Kinkade.  You can get information about Kinkade's past as well as purchase paintings and/or related merchandise.  The site also has a gallery locator, for those wanting to visit a Kinkade Gallery in person.

Paintings, wallpapers, screensavers, and other Kinkade related merchandise, may be purchased from this online store.

Thomas Kinkade Gallery
Here's another commercial site that's dedicated to Thomas Kinkade.  You may find screensavers, calendars, books, along with paintings for sale here.

Thomas Kinkade Radiant Light Galleries
This is the official site for the Radiant Light Galleries (Kinkade galleries in Wisconsin).  Information about the artist and an impressive Kinkade collection are featured on the site.

Thomas Kinkade Gallery
Yet another commercial site selling Kinkade prints and memorabilia.  And one wonders why he sells sooooo many paintings, heh.  Anyways, art and memorabilia may be bought here.  There's also a small biography and "fun facts" available here, for those interested in the "non-commercial" side of Kinkade art.

Thomas Kinkade National Galleries
SHOW ME THE MONEYYYY!!!  *ahem*   Sorry about that.  Buy Kinkade art here.

Thomas Kinkade Village Galleries
This is another commercial site.  However, at least there's a bit more personality found here.  All the artwork has some thing to read from the artist.

Virtual Thomas Kinkade
This fan-driven website showcases more than 100 Kinkade paintings for your viewing pleasure.  The paintings are arranged in alphabetical order too.

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 Kracov, David
David Kracov is one of the most well known polymer clay artists existing.  He's been sculpting a lot for Disney lately, but has done work for studios such as Warner Bros. and Paramount.  He has also been commissioned to make creations for many Hollywood producers, directors, and actors.

Kracov Creations
This is David Kracov's official webpage.

The House of Disney Collectibles: Kracov Creations
This page focuses on the Disney collectibles created by David Kracov.

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 Monet, Claude
Though it was the combined efforts a close-knit group of artists that ushered in the Impressionism movement, it was Claude Monet who was regarded as their leader.  The term "Impressionism" actually was derived from one of Monet's paintings, "Impression: soleil levant".

WebMuseum: Claude Monet
Several of Monet's paintings are displayed on this site as well as a short biography.

Welcome To Claude Monet's (available in English and French)
This could be the best Claude Monet site on the web.  It's got lots of paintings, a timeline showcasing important events in the artist's life, a large listing of Monet-related books, a section devoted to his gardens in Giverny, a huge listing of exhibitions and museums displaying his art, and even an autobiography by the master himself.

Monet Gallery
This page has several links to Monet's paintings as well as a partial listing of where one may see the artwork in person.

The Artchive: Claude Monet
Plenty of information on Claude Monet can be found on this page.  It's got a nice lengthy write up on the artist, a good listing of Monet-related books, and links to a bunch of his paintings.

Fondation Claude Monet à Giverny (available in English and French)
This is the official website for the Monet's garden estate of Giverny, which was once a residence of Claude Monet.  The gardens at the Giverny were a great source of inspiration for the artist, often appearing in many of his paintings.

Monet at Giverny
Here's a pretty unique site.  You can take a virtual tour of Monet's gardens at Giverny here.

OCAIW: Claude Monet
This site has links to most, if not all, of Claude Monet's paintings.  However, because they aren't hosting the images themselves, some of the links are dead ends.  There is also a biography about Monet available.  As with the art, the bio isn't theirs either, but rather a write-up from some other website.

Claude Monet on the Web (Italian)
Over 300 Monet paintings are showcased on this website as well as a lengthy biography of the artist and an essay on Impressionism.  The site is a great source of info, provided that you understand Italian.

Gardens of the Sunlight (available in English and Polish)
This site is about the great impressionists of the art world.  There is a section dedicated to Claude Monet here.  The site has several pieces of Monet's work displayed.

Claude Monet (1840-1926)
Around 200 Monet paintings may be found at this website.  Also available are a listing of exhibitions featuring Monet's work, merchandise bearing Monet artwork, and a timeline detailing important events in Monet's life.

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 Picasso, Pablo
Arguably the most celebrated artist of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso whom is accredited with developing the art movement known as Cubism, still influences modern art today.  His influence is felt throughout the art world, not only in paintings and drawings, but in modern sculpture as well.  So well known is he, that his name is synonymous with abstract art.

Pablo Picasso: Le site officiel (available in English and French)
This is the official Pablo Picasso website and is run by his heirs.  You can learn about the artist and see some of his work, as well as a listing of upcoming exhibitions.  It seems that the message about the rights given to the heirs regarding his work, is the most important message here.

The Artchive: Pablo Picasso
One may find information about the artist here.  A listing of books about Picasso is also available, as well as links to most of his works.

OCAIW: Pablo Picasso (available in English, Italian, and Portuguese)
This site has links to all of Pablo Picasso's artwork.  However, as is with sites that don't host their own content, some of the links are dead ends.  The first link in the list leads to a decent bio about Picasso.  Not surprisingly this bio isn't their own, but rather the link goes to a write-up on some other guy's site.

Pablo Picasso
This is an excellent fan-driven site that showcases several of the artist's work.  The pieces are separated in categories making it a bit easier to find what your looking for.  The biography is a chronological listing of events pertaining to the Picasso.

The Picasso Conspiracy (available in English and French)
Here's a rather unique Picasso-related site.  It focuses primarily on a piece of work that may or may not have been created by Picasso.  They make several arguments about the piece being legit, though that is for you to judge.  Prints of the art piece in question is also available here for collectors.

Olga's Gallery: Pablo Picasso
This is website probably has one of the most extensive showcasings of Picasso's artwork.  They total 260 in all.  Plus, there's a very well documented biography listed here as well.  I highly recommend visiting this site.

FBI - Freedom of Information Act: Pablo Picasso
This site is run by the FBI.  You won't learn anything about Picasso's art here.  However, if you want to go through FBI files regarding the artist's suspicious background, you may do so here.  You will need a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, to view the files.

La Málaga de Picasso (available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German)
This site focuses on Picasso's old stomping grounds in Spain.  Learn about the house he was born in and other buildings that played a vital role in his upbringing.

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 Rockwell, Norman
If there could only be one artist that can capture the American spirit, that artist would be Norman Rockwell.  In fact, his paintings so embodied the American spirit enough, that the U.S. Treasury Department once sponsored an exhibition featuring his art.  Though a great many of his original paintings were destroyed in a fire, reproductions of his artwork are amongst the most sought out work by art collectors today.

The Norman Rockwell Estate Liscensing Company
This is the official website for the Norman Rockwell Estate, whom is the only licensing representative which can grant Norman Rockwell's "right's of publicity", i.e., the use of the artist's name, signature, and likeness for commercial purposes.

The Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge
Here's the official website for the Norman Rockwell Museum located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts (the hometown of the renowned artist).  The museum has the most prominent collection of Norman Rockwell artworks.

Norman Rockwell Museum of Vermont
Norman Rockwell prints and memorabilia may be purchased from this website.  A large assortment of merchandise is available here.

About Norman Rockwell Prints
Here's an incredible site that focuses on the stories surrounding the artist and his artwork.  Information about the artist, his paintings, collections, and tips for discerning originals from reproductions may be found on this site.

Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People
This website is about the official exhibition tour that takes Norman Rockwell's work across America.  The tour is organized by The Norman Rockwell Museum of Stockbridge, Massachusetts and by the High Museum of Art of Atlanta, Georgia.

Norman Rockwell Collectibles
You may purchase prints, books, ties, plates, vintage magazines, and all sorts of other memorabilia featuring Norman Rockwell artwork at this website.

Prints Old & Rare: Norman Rockwell
Lots of prints are available here for Norman Rockwell collectors.

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 Vallejo, Boris
Boris Vallejo is arguably the most recognizable fantasy artists ever.  His oil paintings has graced the covers of virtually every major publishing house that consists of a science fiction and/or fantasy genre of books.  He practically reinvented the fantasy genre in the world of art and has inspired a great many artists who've followed his work since the 70's.  Vallejo's work may be found on covers of books, trading cards, calendars, t-shirts, and all sorts of merchandise.

This is the official Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell website.  Visitors can purchase prints and merchandise or peruse through both artists' art galleries.

Caramila's Boris Vallejo Gallery
Around 50 Boris Vallejo paintings are displayed on this site.

Dragon's Forest: Boris Vallejo
On this webpage, you'll find Boris Vallejo paintings that contain dragons, serpents, and other scaly creatures.

Boris Vallejo Gallery
This website showcases most of the artist's paintings.  Categories are separated by year (up to 2000).

Boris Vallejo' Artwork
This Boris Vallejo site contains 351 pictures (including sketches).  Categories are separated by year for the paintings (up to year 2000).  I highly recommend this site for Vallejo fans, because the images are in high-res, making most of them suitable for desktop wallpaper.

Boris Vallejo Fantasy Art's Gallery (available in English and Russian)
This is another good Boris Vallejo site.  Unlike most sites dedicated to the artist, this one actually has some background information about Boris, albeit not that much.  The excellent design of the site allows visiters to choose the number of thumbnails to load per page, as well as the size of the paintings.  The buttons to switch languages is located on the top right corner.

Boris Vallejo and His Great Fantasy Art
Here's another fan site with a bit of info on Boris Vallejo on the main page.  Unfortunately, most of it comes straight out of the artist's bio on his official site.  Whoops.  Anyway, there are a good number of paintings on this site.

Digital Excess' Art That Isn't: Boris Vallejo
Now here's a pretty unique webpage.  The artwork on here were created using graphic software on a Commodore 64.  Yep that's right, that lil' 8-bit computer from the early to mid 80's.  I used to do some artwork on the old machine myself and never got the results these talented artists did.  They were able to do some outstanding replications of Boris Vallejo's paintings.  Amazing!

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 Van Gogh, Vincent
Vincent van Gogh is a very famous 19th-century Impressionist who led a very tragic life.  Though his work is some of the most sought after, he was only able to sell one of his works during his lifetime.  Shortly after his suicide, his fame grew rapidly.  His influence in 20th-century Expressionism, Fauvism, and Abstraction is enormous.  His impact in the art world is even felt today.

Van Gogh Museum (available in English, Japanese, and Deutsch)
The official website of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The Vincent van Gogh Gallery (available in English, Italian, Russian, and Spanish)
This is probably the best Vincent van Gogh site on the web.  Every piece of van Gogh art is showcased on this site.  The site is also endorsed by the Van Gogh Museum.

Web Museum: Gogh, Vincent van
This site has some info about the artist and displays several works.

The Artchive: Vincent van Gogh
Here's another site with some good info about the artist.  A large number of van Gogh's work can be viewed here.  There's also a good list of books regarding van Gogh that you can purchase here (the site is affiliated with Amazon.Com).  There are some articles on some of the art pieces here as well.

Vincent Van Gogh, Nuenen, 1883-1885 (available in English, French, German, and Deutsch)
This is rather unique site.  It focuses on the city of Nuenen, the Netherlands.  It is where van Gough lived during 1883-1885.  The site features facts about van Gogh's surroundings as well as showcases the work that was done, while he was there.

van Gogh.Com
This isn't the official van Gogh site.  However, you can purchase prints of van Gogh's work here.  You can also purchase books, posters, and other memorabilia.

Gardens of the Sunlight (available in English and Polish)
This site is about the great impressionists in the art world.  There is a section dedicated to Vincent van Gogh here.  The site features several pieces of artwork.

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 Whelan, Michael
Michael Whelan is the most decorated Sci-fi/fantasy artist of all time.  He has been the recipient of the HUGO (World Science Fiction) and HOWARD (World Fantasy) awards more so than any other artist… including the legendary Boris Vallejo.  His artwork has appeared on all sorts of merchandise, even including record albums and best selling novels.  Though he is a master at rendering anything he wishes, it is his artwork depicting dragons that has garnered him the title of the greatest dragon painter in the world.

The Art of Michael Whelan
This is Michael Whelan's official webpage.  Visitors will find plenty of info on the artist and gallery full of his work.  Visitors may also purchase merchandise bearing the artist's work on the on-site store.

Caramila's Michael Whelan Gallery
Over 60 Michael Whelan paintings are showcased on this page.

Michael Whelan
Around 50 Michael Whelan Paintings are displayed on this site.

Dragon's Forest: Michael Whelan
On this webpage, you'll find Michael Whelan paintings that focus primarily on dragons.  Michael Whelan is considered to be the greatest painter of dragons.  So if you like dragons, you'll want to visit this site.

Michael Whelan's Works of Wonder
This is an extremely small webpage with a few paintings displayed.

Fairy King Fantasy Worlds: Michael Whelan
A lot of the artist's paintings may be found here.  A biography may be found here as well.

Draconic.Com: Whelan
This page focuses on dragon paintings done by Michael Whelan.

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 Wyland, Robert
Robert Wyland is arguably the most renown marine wildlife artist ever.  Wyland believes that his artwork can make people recognize the importance of marine life conservation.  His most famous work is the "Whaling Walls" project.  Started in 1981, the goal is to paint 100 building-sized murals by the year 2011.  Another popular project of his was the "50 murals in 50 days", in which he visited schools everyday for 50 days, painting a mural in each school.  Wyland's work is so popular, all sorts of merchandise featuring his art has been sold, including jewerly and plush dolls.

This is the official page of Robert Wyland.  Learn about the artist and browse through a gallery that depicts all of his paintings and sculptures.  For the collectors, there is also an online store where you can buy Wyland merchandise.

The Art of Wyland
This is a small fan-driven site that's talks a little bit about some of his favorite Wyland paintings and murals.  A few murals and paintings are posted here.

This site specializes in collectibles.  A good number of Wyland figurines are available here, for those interested.

Proposal: Wyland's Whaling Walls
This site discusses a little bit about Wyland's Whaling Walls.  The Whaling Walls project started in 1981.  The goal is to paint 100 building-sized murals by 2011.

The Ocean World of Wyland
This is a nicely laid out fan-driven site.  It showcases several Wyland pieces and has quite a few links to Marine Wildlife Conservation sites.

Wyland Paints: A ROM Event
Here's a unique site that features a slideshow of Wyland working on a mural at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Wyland's 86th Mural
This page has some photos of Wyland's 86th Whaling Wall located at the Homasassa Springs State Wildlife Park.

This is a super-small fan-driven site that only has five paintings posted and a link to Wyland's official website.

Wyland Prints
This site has several Wyland prints that are on sale.

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